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Getting Grit

“One of the top 10 books that will change your life in 2017!” —Live Happy

The book outlines how you can become grittier in a step-by-step way, using the new findings from Positive Psychology, which provide effective evidence-based tools for lasting change.

Getting Grit includes specially-created worksheets and exercises that will help the reader cultivate the mindset and behaviors that undergird authentic grit like humility, zest, persistence, patience, self-confidence, teamwork, self-regulation and passion.



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Ever meet someone who is that magical combination of wise yet humble, strong yet sensitive, inspiring yet down-­to-­earth? That’s Caroline Miller. I know nobody who’s thought more about how to apply the scientific research on grit and achievement to our own lives!

Angela Duckworth, Ph.D.
Founder, Character Lab and author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Watch now to learn the answers to the frequently asked questions about grit

Caroline is available to do book talks and signings, as well as larger corporate events and workshops where “Getting Grit” is the topic. 

Caroline Miller

I’m thrilled to share that my book, Getting Grit, is getting exceptional reviews from people I admire, and who are using words like “compelling,” “amazing,” and “exceptional”! It took a lot of grit to get this book from my head into the publishing world, but I’m delighted that the final result is even better than I could have hoped.

—Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP

  • An amazing and compelling book that is the ultimate guide to living life with grit and without regret.

    Tom Rath
    Tom Rath
    author of StrengthsFinder 2.0 & Are You Fully Charged?
  • It’s one thing to value grit – it’s another to develop it. Caroline Miller has made that her life’s work, and in this book she shares a series of useful steps for increasing your persistence for the right reasons in the right ways.

    Adam Grant
    author of Originals and Give and Take
  • This is a really innovative book, and companies, sports teams, schools, families and communities will all benefit from the stories and research.

    Scott Barry Kaufman
    Scientific Director, The Imagination Institute and author of Ungifted and co-author, Wired to Create
  • Caroline Miller articulates the science and importance of character strengths as important pathways to help cultivate grit in this groundbreaking book.

    Neal H. Mayerson, Ph.D.
    Founder/Chairman, VIA Institute on Character
  • A brilliant read for anyone interested in achieving their goals and using their good grit and authentic grit to help others thrive.

    Professor Lea Waters, Ph.D.,
    President-Elect International Positive Psychology Association, Gerry Higgins Chair in Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne
  • The minute I picked up Getting Grit, I feverishly began taking notes. Caroline Miller understands the essential truth that all women who want to be truly confident, who want to succeed, need grit.

    Claire Shipman
    co-author Womenomics and The Confidence Code
  • I have just ‘inhaled’ Getting Grit, and I’m so energized by the content and its delivery. Planning to give it to every board member in my organization.

    Rebecca Powers
    Founder, Impact Austin
Getting Grit



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Read Getting Grit and learn:

  • How society contributes to reducing grit in children, athletes, students and employees
  • How “good grit” inspires others and “bad grit” creates conflict
  • Why life’s biggest goals require authentic grit
  • The contagious behaviors that contribute to good grit
  • Why taking a “selfie break” builds authentic grit
  • How women can overcome the “diseases of despair” that are undercutting grit cultivation

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